The Big Softy
A collection of some of our favorite soft-ripened cheeses with delicious accompaniments to treat the big softy in your life!

Gift Box includes:
Bonne Bouche  ash ripened-goat cheese  |  Websterville, VT  |  lemony, tangy, fresh chives
Green Hill  bloomy rind cow’s milk cheese | Thomasville, GA  |   buttery, rich, creamy   
Good Thunder  wash rind-cow’s milk cheese  |  Mankato, MN  |  yeasty, earthy, fudgy
Accompaniments: Raincoast Crisps, Oysterponds red raspberry jam, Lucy’s Whey Spreader, Honey Comb (“large” only)

[ $100 — small ]   [ $135 — large ]


The Dessert Oasis
An island of sweet relief in the form of decadent cheese and confections!

Gift Box includes:
Rogue River Blue  brandy soaked grape leaf rind – cow’s milk cheese | Central Point, OR | fruity, decadent, meaty
Bleu de Chevre ash rinded goat’s milk cheese | Ile-de-France  | sweet cream, piquant, fudgy
Beenleigh Blue  roquefort style sheep’s milk cheese | Sharpham Barton, UK | barnyardy, crumbly, sweet
Accompaniments: Marcona almonds, Poco Dolce Dark Chocolate Bar, Ames Honey, Savory Spoon Panforte Wedge, Lucy’s Whey Spreader

[ $105 — small** ]  [ $145 — large ]

** Our small Desert Oasis gift box is curated with your choice of two cheeses above and does not contain the Savory Spoon Panforte Wedge.


The Farmstead Bundle
A collection of impressive American cheeses made on the same farm where the milk is produced.  It doesn’t get any tighter and valiant than a dairy bundle than this!

Gift Box includes:
Lazy Lady Farm  soft ripened-goat’s milk cheese  |  Westfield, VT  |  lemony, tangy, bright
Peekville Tomme  natural rind sheep’s milk cheese | Chattahoochee, GA  | earthy, sharp, citrusy
Dutch Knuckle  adirondack mountain cow’s milk cheese | Upper Jay, NY  |  caramel, hay, grassy
Arethusa Blue  stilton-like cow’s milk cheese | Litchfield, CT  | toasty, piquant, creamy
Accompaniments: Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps, Lecari Honey

[ $95 — small ]   [ $125 — large ]


The Habitual Traveler
A deeply satisfying, stylish approach for the one whose wanderlust demands a self sufficient decadence.

Gift Box includes:
Pecorino Balze Volteranne sheep’s milk cheese |  Sardinia, Italy  | bright, earthy, nutty
Coolea  gouda style cow’s milk cheese | County Cork, Ireland  | sweet, savory, sharp
Gruyere Alpage  alpine style raw cow’s milk cheese | Chenau, Switzerland  | brothy, meaty, grassy
Accompaniments: Charlito’s Cocina Salami, The Piggery Rilletes, hand-crafted Italian knife

[ $150  ]


A collection of the sweetest things that make us fall madly for the Empire State!

Gift Box includes:
Kunik  bloomy goat & cow’s milk cheese  | Warrensburg, NY |  buttery, sweet, triple creme
Miranda  cow’s milk cheese washed in absinthe | Walton, NY  | yeasty, pungent, herbal
Dutch Knuckle  adirondack mountain cow’s milk cheese | Upper Jay, NY  |  caramel, hay, grassy
Accompaniments: Lercari’s Cinnamon Honey, Cacao Prieto Dark Chocolate Bark Bar, Unna’s Cookies, Catskill’s Fall Honey, Honey Wand, Lucy’s Whey Spreader

[ $95 — small** ]   [ $125 — large ]

** Our small I Love NY gift box is curated with only 2 cheeses and does not contain honey or cookies.


Raw Milk Euphoria
A pair of two exemplary raw milk cheeses making waves in the US and abroad for their ardent take on tradition and terroir driven flavors!

Gift Box includes:
Rush Creek Reserve  bark-wrapped raw cow’s milk cheese | Dodgeville, WI |  rich, beefy, grassy
Winnimere  bark-wrapped raw cow’s milk cheese | Greensboro, VT | smokey, bacon, umami
Stichelton  stilton style cow’s milk cheese | Nottinghamshire, UK |  minerally, buttery, creamy
Accompaniments: Marcona Almonds, Pinot Cherries, Potter’s Crackers, Lucy’s Whey Spreader

[  $100 (w/Rush Creek) or $125 (w/Winnimere)  ]


The Stinker
An aromatic collection of classic washed rind cheeses sure to spoil the stinky cheese lover in your life!

Gift Box includes:
Charmoix  washed rind cow’s milk cheese  |  Ardennse, Belgium  |  beefy, funky, mushroomy
Epoisses  washed rind cow’s milk cheese | Burgundy, France |  brothy, buttery, stinky   
Lorenzo  cider-washed rind sheep’s milk cheese | Cazenovia, NY |  fruity, earthy, nutty
Accompaniments: Effie’s Oatcakes, Caramelized Onion Jam, Lucy’s Whey Spreader

[ $85 — small ]   [  $105 — large ]