Gifts for the Cheese Lover


The Farmstead Bundle

A collection of impressive American cheeses made on the same farm where the milk is produced.  It doesn't get any grittier and valiant a dairy bundle than this!

Madeleine (.5 lbs)  aged goat’s milk natural rind {tasting notes: lemony, woodsy, bright}

Peekville Tomme (.5 lbs)  sheep + cow's milk cheese {tasting notes: earthy, sharp, citrusy}

Dutch Knuckle (.5 lbs) cow’s milk cheese {tasting notes: caramel, hay, grassy}

Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps
Straight From The Hive Honey


I love NY

A collection of the sweetest things that make us fall madly for the Empire State!

Kunik (.5 lbs)  bloomy goat & cow’s milk cheese {tasting notes: buttery, sweet, triple crème}

Walton Umber (.5 lbs) raw cow’s milk tomme {tasting notes: earthy, mushroomy, buttery}

Lorenzo (.5 lbs) cider-washed rind sheep’s milk cheese {tasting notes: fruity, earthy, nutty}

Charlito’s Salami
Cacao Prieto Dark Chocolate 72% Bar
Catskill Provisions Fall Honey
Lucy’s Whey Knife/Spreader


The old World collection  

A collection of transport inducing imported cheeses and accompaniments to wow the traditionalist in your life!

Challerhocker (.5 lbs)  raw cow’s milk Swiss Alpine {tasting notes: leaks, brown butter, nutty}

L’Amuse Gouda (.5 lbs)  cow’s milk {tasting notes: butterscotch, caramelized milk}

Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano (.5 lbs) cow’s milk cheese {tasting notes: fruity, robust}

Creminelli Salami
Marcelli Formaggi Cherry Blossom Honey
Ursini Pesto
Olive Wood Board


Please call 212-289-8900 to place a gift box order. 
24 hours advance notice is preferred but not always necessary.