and we make it our job to share that story with every one of our customers.

We offer a large, carefully curated selection of artisan and farmstead cheeses, with a focus on American-made cheese. Each cheese is unique and presents distinctive flavors that reflect the region and ingenuity of the cheesemaker. In addition to cheese, we carry a beautiful array of domestic charcuterie showcasing some of the best cured meats being made in our country today.  We also feature every condiment for the perfect cheese and charcuterie platter: jams, marmalades, mustards, chutneys, pickles, honeys, nuts, dried fruits, crackers, bread, etc.

Artisan yogurt, ice cream, olive oil, vinegar and even pasta have been carefully selected from small producers across the United States & around the world.

Our local beer selection rivals some of the best in the city. 

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