and we make it our job to share that story with every one of our customers. 



We offer a large, carefully curated selection of artisan and farmstead cheeses, with a focus on American-made cheese. Each cheese is unique and presents distinctive flavors that reflect the region and ingenuity of the cheesemaker. In addition to cheese, we carry a beautiful array of domestic charcuterie showcasing some of the best cured meats being made in our country today.  We also feature every condiment for the perfect cheese and charcuterie platter: jams, marmalades, mustards, chutneys, pickles, honeys, nuts, dried fruits, crackers, bread, etc.

Artisan yogurt, ice cream, olive oil, vinegar and even pasta have been carefully selected from small producers across the United States & around the world.

Our local beer selection rivals some of the best in the city. 

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Our Farm to Table

Just like at our shops, we offer our diners the best and most thoughtful food we possibly can.  We have relationships with many small farms in upstate NY where we buy our meat, dairy and produce.  It is very important to both our chef and the company that our menu is both seasonal and nourishing while featuring great comfort food.  We are proud of every ingredient we use and want to show off the beautiful produce that NY and it's surroundings have to offer. 

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We offer catering platters & dishes from our restaurant for any occasion. 
Every item is created with pride and ready to be shown off to your guests. 

For a more upscale event,
we offer full-service catering with knowledgeable staff who are ready to share and delight your guests with their cheese expertise.


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